Calculator Produce Procedure

//Calculator Produce Procedure

Calculator Produce Procedure

A complete production process of the calculator looks simple, but actually complicated procedure. Only deeply visiting our calculator factory can get the most real calculator production experience.


Calculator production process:

  1. Confirm the designs with the buyer
  2. Develop the mould  (if it’s new designed mould)
  3. Making the injection of the plastic
  4. Prepare the raw material
  5. Preparing the PCB, LCD, hardware materials
  6. Paintingthe printing the logo
  7. Assembly
  8. Testing
  9. Packaging

Every process need to be careful to ensure good quality.

We will show you some production procedure of the calculator.


1)  New Mould Design

If you have a new model need to develop, then our engineer will start to design the mould, the mould mainly include the calculator cover, calculator base, keypad, Battery Cover, Silicon. All this need to be designed according to the customer’s requirements and the consideration of the real production. After the mould design confirmed, we will make the test injection and make some improvement on the mould.


2) Plastic Injection  

After the mould tested perfect, then we will make the injection of the plastic casing, including the plastic upper case, base, keypad, glass cover, battery cover.

3) Painting and Printing

When the plastic casing is ready, we will start the painting and printing on the calculator accordingly to customer’s own requirements. We can not only print the logo on the calculator, can also print any cartoons or designs on the calculator for promotion use.

4) Assembly

This is the main process of making the complete working calculators, we assemble COB in the calculator plastic housing with screws, and seal the LCD display on the calculators.

5) Testing

After finished the assembling of the complete calculators, each piece of the calculator will be tested by both hand operation and auto testing machines.


6) Packing

Each piece of the calculator will be packed with either gift box packing or blister packing accordingly to customer’s own requirements.

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