The calculator is one of the most indispensable devices in our everyday life. Be it a household, business, office, hospital, educational institution, the calculator is required at one or the other occasions. It is more important to organize the various number and ensure accuracy in the estimations. A good calculator is the one that uses LED displays that are big enough to be clearly visible so that they can be read from an arm’s length distances.

Today, with the expansion of technology, and knowledge, a variety of calculators have come up to meet the diverse needs of the various sections of the society. The high demand for collocutors has contributed to a large number of companies making different types of calculators. Large display calculators make the job easy and simple.

China leads in terms of number and volume of business in manufacturing and exporting calculators. There are a large number of desktop calculator suppliers in the country that supply the product markets across the globe.


Newsunda is a leading professional company in China. Located out of Baiyun district, Guangzhou, China, Newsunda makes diverse stationary items.

The company has been in the business of manufacturing calculators, other stationery items over the past two decades. The company is known for the variety of desktop calculators, pockets calculators, financial, scientific calculators and schools bags. The High-Quality-Large-Display-Calculator-Supplier-&-Manufacturer-in-China is known for its quality performance, durability, and economical price.

Newsunda’s competitive advantage

The foremost completive advantage that Newsunda possesses is the high-quality production workforce including skilled workers, professional engineers in the R& D team, stringent quality control management, and semi-automation. All this together makes a great leader in the market by offering the best quality products and services to the customer.

Team Newsunda makes a great endeavor to develop new items with fashionable design, durable and reliable quality. The company specializes in making custom goods.

Newsunda’s factory

The company’s manufacturing facility has closely integrated teams from research and production development, specific parts manufacturing and final assembly. As of today, the company manufactures more than 300,000 pieces of electronic calculators a month. The whole process of production happens in the company itself. The company has the largest display calculator factory.

The company performs the various cycles and process in the production process including plastic injection mold, plastic injection processing, praying and silk-screen printing. wave soldering, module assembly, product testing, complete unit assembly, and blister packing and gift box packing.

Newsunda’s commitment

Newsunda is committed to offering the best by maintaining the high standard of service and integrity and trust. Their principal slogan is an assurance of quality, expeditious delivery and offering the product and service at the most competitive prices.


If you’re planning to start a business in desktop calculators or other sorts of electronic calculators, the best company that you should look for is Newsunda. Even if you wish to import quality electronic calculators to sell in your country, you can contact them.

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