Quality & Easily Use A4 Size Clipboard Calculator Manufacturer in China

If you are looking for the suppliers of easy-to-use and high-quality A4 size clipboard calculators in China then NewSunda can be the right place for you. NEWSUNDA is the wholesale supplier of high-quality A4 size China clipboard calculators. In their calculator factory, they manufacture a wide variety of calculators including desktop calculators and clipboard calculators. They are also known as the leading China desktop calculator suppliers in this country.

About NewSunda

Since last more than 20 years, Sunda Stationary is in the business of manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of stationery items including various types of calculators in their calculator factory in district Guangzhou, China. The products manufactured by them include scientific and financial calculators, pocket-size calculators, desktop calculators, and school bags, etc. They have recently introduced A4 size clipboard calculators to facilitate students. They are exporting their products to more than 30 countries throughout the world with the help of its more than 100 Chinese distributors partnering with them.Quality-&-Easily-Use-A4-Size-Clipboard-Claculator-Manufacturer-in-China

Advantage of dealing with NewSunda

The main advantage of buying calculators and other stationery items from NewSunda is the presence of highly experienced staff and R&/d team of professional engineers, strict management of quality control and semi-automatic equipment in their calculator factory. All the products manufactured and supplied by them are the best in quality and available at a very competitive price. They take care of durability, reliability and latest trends while developing new items in their factory. They keep the requirements of their customers in their mind while designing as well as producing a product.

Product manufactured and supplied by NewSunda

Besides A4 size clipboard calculator, NewSunda supplies a wide range of calculators throughout the world including

Desktop calculator:

NS-638 12 Digits Big LCD Calculator

Cheap Large Calculator:

NS-628 12 Digits LCD Desktop Calculator

NS-421 12 Digits Red Color Office Calculator

Fraction Calculator:

NS-516 12 Digits Business Calculator

NS-120TV 12 Digits Electronic Calculator

Small Calculator:

NS-388 12 digits cute gift calculator

Wholesale Business Calculator:

NS-216 14 Digits Business Calculator

E Calculator:

NS-380V 8 digit Electronic Calculator for Promotion

NS-6004 8 digit solar transparent calculator

Animal calculator

NS-6012 8 digits cute animal silicone calculator

Ruler gift calculator

NS-6009 8 digits ruler calculator

Silicon rubber calculator

NS-6010 8 Digits silicon rubber key calculator

Facilities and Services promised by NewSunda

The manufacturing facilities provided in NewSunda from R&D of the new products, manufacturing of plastic parts to their ultimate assembly are highly integrated. At present they are producing more than 300,000 pieces of electronic calculators on a monthly basis. All the procedures of producing stationery products are performed in their calculator factory.

Thus you can rely on NewSunda as the best China desktop calculator suppliers as well as the suppliers of China clipboard calculators throughout the world. They guarantee to provide quality products to their clients as all of their stationery products are manufactured in their calculator factory in China.