A calculator is a very vital gadget in our everyday life. It is applicable anywhere in hospitals, schools, in business offices, educational institutions, scientific research centers, and many other places. It is very important especially in business to have your facts and figures correct. A calculator will assist you in getting the right numerical values rather than having to estimate things.
The ideal machine for calculations ought to have at least a large LED display so that you will be able to see the figures even from a distance like an arms-length. You need to find the right calculator that will suit all your arithmetic needs. Here are some examples of calculators that our company NEWSUNDA offers to our customers.

Quality Calculators

The following is just a list of some business desktop calculators:
• Factory Desktop Calculator NS – 214. It is normally used for general calculations.
• Button Bank Large Calculator NS -311. This is also another calculator that is used mainly in banks for just general calculations.
Desktop Calculator CE/FCC NS -637. These calculators are very efficient in general calculations.

All these calculators have a total of 12 keys and they are high-quality calculators. They also have dual power that is they have both battery and solar operations.


China is known to be the leading manufacturing and exporting country for calculators in the world. NEWSUNDA being in China is one of the 12 digits calculator suppliers that are doing quite well. It is located on the outside of Baiyun district which is in Guangzhou.

You can be sure that the company produces high-quality products since we have been up and running for the past 20 years. Therefore there is the necessary experience and expertise required to produce the highest quality calculators. NEWSUNDA also produces other products such as pocket calculators, scientific calculators and also school bags. The company prices are also very reasonable and durable products.

NEWSUNDA’s Factory

The China desktop calculator factory is well integrated with all the other departments in the organization from product development to the research departments. The factory produces over 300,000 electronic calculators in one month and indeed all the processes of production happen right in the company. NEWSUNDA’s factory is among the biggest display calculator factory in China.

Advantages of Purchasing from NEWSUNDA

Getting a reliable supplier for your organization’s calculators could be a bit tough because there are many factories that claim to have genuine products. Most of them will have counterfeit goods that will not last a month and you end up losing money.

NEWSUNDA is however widely known in China for supplying the desktop calculators that are of high quality. They will deliver the number of calculators you require no matter the number you want.

1. Manufacturing Quality Products Consistently

NEWSUNDA’s main aim is to make sure they give their clients the best product they could ever get. Therefore they have been manufacturing only high standard calculators that cater for all the requirements of the customer for close to 20 years now.

2. Quick Responses

The business desktop calculator suppliers will always act promptly if there is any issue the client arises about the product. In the case of shipping, the company will be in constant communication to ensure that the customer receives their goods and in perfect peace.